How suitable are the ce:koon covers for everyday use?

Generally the covers are very robust, water resistant and long-lasting. With the X2-Series we recommend to take the front and back cover of for sports or other activities where it can come greater signs of wear, for example a lot of kneeling. The cover was designed so that through the base cover alone an aesthetically pretty covering of the prosthetic is preserved and the design  of the front and back cover is thought for long-term use. The S-Series is cheaper, easier to take off and generally suitable for everyday use. With activities that require a lot of kneeling or otherwise cause signs of wear we recommend to take the cover off. We point out that with foiled covers with a motif an additional protective foil is protecting the printed foil. By taking off this protective foil signs of wear such as scratches can be avoided and the printed foil preserved. All in all, all upper and lower leg covers (colored, foiled, covered in leather) can be cleaned with water and a sponge. The leather is already waterproof and can be cleaned with water.  

What Extras are there in regard to materials?

We like to work with leather because it is robust, consistent and optically in fashion. We have an assortment of different leather types, perforated or smooth in the colors black, grey, beige, light grey and dark brown. We gladly combine these on the back of the cover so that it matches the already existing color. Here we can also make custom wishes possible in terms of color or the type of leather. Also our selection of foils are a great possibility to give your cover something extra. Also here an array of different foils are available.

How can I give my cover my own personal touch?

You can either choose from our available designs or with an additional charge of € 450 can put your own individual design on the cover. For an individually chosen design you can either describe your ideas to us or send us sketches or pictures of your ideas per e-mail.

What makes the ce:koon covers special?

The individuality, effortlessness and adaptability. Our covers weigh only 250-400 grams. In terms of design, we meet every customer request and constantly develop new designs. Through the production of 3D printing we have succeeded to develop an exact silhouette of the form of the wearer. Another distinguishing feature is the adaptability. With the purchase of a X2 model there is the possibility to cost-effectively buy more front and back covers in different designs in the long run. Once invested in the overall package, different designs can be bought for different occasions at low costs in the future.