Dein Prothesen-Cover von ce:koon

You have a thigh or lower leg prosthesis and want not only to protect it but also to have a unique and stylish design? Our specially tailored prosthetic cover fits like a second skin on your prosthesis, taking into account the unique shape of your leg. Thanks to the advanced technology of 3D printing, we offer you a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. With our user-friendly online configurator, you can easily design a cover that is not only functional but also reflects your personality. Create a cover that is as unique as you are, and wear it with pride!



  • Unbreakable, soft prosthetic cover: Provides reliable protection and a comfortable fit.
  • Soft and flexible: Effortlessly conforms to the shape of your prosthesis, allowing natural freedom of movement.
  • Very light and sporty: Ideal for active users, supports movement without added weight.
  • Fits any prosthesis: Universally designed to be compatible with various prosthetic models.


  • Three-part, enclosed prosthetic cover: This design completely encloses the prosthesis, providing optimal protection and stability.
  • Lightweight: The cover weighs only about 400 grams, making it particularly comfortable for daily use.
  • Cost-effective front cover replacement: The front cover can be easily and affordably replaced, allowing you to customize the appearance of your prosthesis as desired.
  • Suitable for any prosthesis: The cover is designed to fit any type and size of prosthesis, offering a universal solution.
  • Für jede Prothese geeignet: Das Cover ist so gestaltet, dass es auf jede Prothesenart und -größe passt und somit eine universelle Lösung bietet.