C-FLEX Cover
the elegant extension to our prosthesis covers

Thanks to the precise adaptation to 3D scans, we are able to adapt the C-Cover upper part exactly to the shaft of your prosthesis. This process enables us to achieve a seamless and perfect fit that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. The C-Cover serves as an extension element and complements our existing product lines S-Flex, U-Flex and X-Cover. These combination options allow you to optimally improve the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your prosthesis.

Soft and flexible
The material of the cover is characterized by its softness and flexibility, which allows it to comfortably adapt to the contours of the prosthesis.

All RAL colours available
You have the freedom to choose from the entire spectrum of RAL colors to personalize the cover exactly as you want.

Exact fit through 3D printing
By using the latest 3D printing technology, the cover is precisely adapted to the shape of your prosthesis, ensuring a perfect fit.

Simple assembly
The cover is designed to be easily attached without much effort, significantly facilitating daily use.

Each cover is custom-made to your specific measurements and needs to ensure an optimal fit and satisfaction.


In the configurator we currently offer selected colors for our covers and for the embossing. In order to personalize your cover exactly according to your ideas, we offer all colors of the RAL color scheme on request. All colors are impregnated, not painted, which allows the color to penetrate deeply into the material and creates a durable, abrasion-resistant surface. In addition, the design pattern is either embossed or perforated to achieve a unique and individual aesthetic.


Individual Design

Didn't find the right design? They would like their own individual design or tattoo. We respond to every customer request. Freely selectable design, motif, color, with normal effort, including a correction run.