Style, comfort and functionality
united in one cover!

Each S-Cover is adapted differently:
Differentiate aesthetically, exactly and in our style!

The S-Cover is more flexible than any other prosthetic cosmetic!

The perfect upper and lower leg cover!

  • One-piece, 3D printed and extremely flexible.

  • Very robust and in a sporty style.

  • The lightest prosthesis cover on the market to date.
  • The ideal lower leg cover: exact adjustment of the shaft and cover.

  • Also very nice and very popular as a thigh cover.

  • For every kind of prosthetic knee such as Ottobock - Genium, Genium X3, C-Leg and Össur - Rheo Knee, Rheo Knee XC and many more; Suitable for very good knees.

  • Perfect protection for the expensive prosthesis.


The most important features of the S cover!

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As individual as you are!

The ce:koon covers set new standards in prosthetic legs! Each prosthesis cover is made to measure and can be adapted to individual ideas and wishes.



Depending on your preference, the two wings on the back can be made of leather - in different versions. The leather offers ideal protection for frequent taking on and off and gives your cover a unique, beautiful look.

Foil motifs

The S-Cover can be continuously covered with a film. The selection of existing foil motifs
can be found in the shop. If you want to have your own motif on your cover, just contact us!