Lightweight prosthetic cover foiled in a casual timeless design. The cover is produced in 3D printing, adapted to your measurements and is possible for every prothesis. Available as S-Cover and X-Cover.

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    • S-series: one-piece, very light, overlapping on the back, motifs embossed, perforated or foiled.
    • Only needed for lower leg prostheses. For the adjustment, a 3D scan is required.
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Extremely light weight (only 250 grams), one-piece, very flexible, easy to fix on, very robust, ideal for lower leg amputations, because the lower leg cover is individually adapted to the shaft and thus fits very nicely. Ideal for very active athletes. Back closed or wings overlapping and especially popular with leather covered.


Weighs 400 grams, in two parts - consists of front and back covers with basic holder. Completely closed prosthetic cover.

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Lightgrey, Anthracite, Olive, Blue